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We are all wrong.

All of the popular, knee-jerk suggestions for proscriptive action in the aftermath of the Newtown school massacre are terrible, on both sides of the issue. I say this as an NRA life member, who also thinks the recommendations aired at today’s press conference are an absolute joke. Everyone wants a self-serving quick fix, an “easy button” that will magically solve a problem that neither side will admit is deeply more complex than will support their agendas. Nobody wants to look inward, or to think for a second that they may personally have something to do with the larger problem; it’s too horrible a notion to even begin to contemplate. What’s even scarier is committing to the necessary and difficult long-term work toward cultural change on multiple fronts. We want the path of least resistance: to do only what’s required to make the problem temporarily disappear from our radar screens, so we can get back to ingesting an endless stream of pop culture adver-tainment and slowly killing ourselves in various ways.

I salute everyone who is tunneling methodically past the symptoms toward root causes, ignoring the noise and focusing on signal.

Two and a half memes?

For a few days already I’ve been sick of hearing about a certain delusional actor who likes to hit women and generally act like a supreme douche. But the more you people talk about him, the more you inadvertently promote him and ensure that he will eventually continue to make money off of the suffering and hateful exploitation of other human beings. Stop quoting the catchphrases, stop turning this into a meme, just let it quietly die and drop out of the media spotlight. Even that is more than he deserves.