…think for yourself…

Inaccurate business memes are particularly annoying, because they usually can’t hide behind having been created by a kid. What’s even worse is when lazy charlatans copy and paste them verbatim in a half-assed attempt to seem profound.

There’s one about Nokia that went viral on LinkedIn and currently has over 65,000 likes and 5,800 comments. A disheartening number of people in my network have liked it. Somewhat more reassuringly, many of the comments criticize the original post.

Before you blindly click “like” as so many people in my network did, do the research on Stephen Elop‘s tenure at Nokia. Aside from the obvious stuff like references to “last month” (when Microsoft’s acquisition of the company actually happened back in 2013), you’ll find that Elop had a long history with Microsoft prior to joining Nokia. What you won’t find is a single credible source for the alleged quotation of “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost.” Elop profited obscenely from the acquisition, receiving a €18.8 million bonus on which he paid very little tax (thus angering the Prime Minister of Finland at the time). Does this sound like a man who would be “uncontrollably sobbing” at the conclusion of a farewell speech?

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